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I can’t say thank you enough. I have Fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. I was in pain daily. I can’t risk having THC in my system so finding something natural, without side effects or risk of addiction has been what seemed to be impossible! We went to a coffee shop in ocean shores where out of curiosity my husband and I had it added to our coffee. Normally all the walking and hiking leads to a lot of sore, stiff muscles. I can not believe how affective this was! I ordered the Broad Spectrum THC free 1,500 mg bottle, and have been using once a day. I can fold laundry and put my hair up without the searing pain that usually happens. Doing simple daily task used to be so difficult. Now I can do what I want free of pain. Thank you for your amazing product and quick customer service.

Julie H.

Charlene at Spirit Guide Wellness is one of the most resourceful, well educated and loving people I know working in CBD and hemp products. I am honored to work beside her and fully stand behind everything she does. if you’re looking for a safe, trust worthy CBD source, she’s the one!

Kara C.

works great for pain and anxiety

Marcella E.

I started taking the 750 full spectrum because no matter what I tried I couldn’t find the energy in the mornings and as the day progressed, I was totally wiped out. I was recommended to try CBD. Started with 1 dropper an within a week, I noticed a difference. My energy level is off the roof. I’m now taking 2 droppers in hopes to shrink some uterine fibroids. Review coming after next ultrasound.

Dionee N.

Quality full spectrum oils and very knowledgeable.

Johnny S.

I started taking 750 full spectrum because of my anxiety, tiredness and fatigue. I noticed a difference right away and felt a lot more energetic in the mornings. I also use other products that have worked and I am extremely happy. I would like to say that when you express your needs Charlene doesn’t just sell you anything she recommends what would is best for your needs. Thank you Spirit Guide.

Diana M.

We strive to bring our customers quality products and information that will help stabilize overall health and wellness.


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