My Journey Begins, My Cannabis Awakening.

As a super busy mom of five, wife, full-time professional, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, sometimes exhausted, other times completely exhilarated, and then I hit bottom. Before being diagnosed with bipolar depression, I found that cannabis helped me maintain my sanity.  When using cannabis, I experienced a calm and my mood swings happened less but, keep in mind, at the time, using cannabis was seriously frowned upon.

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How This Journey Began . . .

I am being completely honest in saying, I never really knew what I wanted to ‘DO’ with my life. I often wondered if my lack of passion meant my heart was forever FLAWED. Everyone I knew had a burning desire for something and most were pursuing it like a BOSS. And here I was, begrudgingly excelling in my professional life, feeling indifference to the day to day functions of my career in business.

I was lacking that SPARK of fervor driving me to succeed in something. . . ANYTHING.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is shared here to outline our goals and culture surrounding why we do what we do today and in the future.

“Our mission statement is to distribute products that heal the mind, while nourishing the body & soul.  We strive to inspire our clients to live a lifestyle of balance by offering the very best choice in products & services.  We are dedicated to connecting families & communities with natural healing products known to lift spirits & help regain the comfort to enjoy everything life has to offer.”

Is our mission statement pointless?  I don’t think so, although it might have been had no one stopped by to read it.

Thank you for sharing in our mission.