What is All this Hype about Cannabis, Really?

My Journey Begins, My Cannabis Awakening.

As a super busy mom of five, wife, full-time professional, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, sometimes exhausted, other times completely exhilarated, and then I hit bottom. Before being diagnosed with bipolar depression, I found that cannabis helped me maintain my sanity.  When using cannabis, I experienced a calm and my mood swings happened less but, keep in mind, at the time, using cannabis was seriously frowned upon.

I’m far from a stoner.  Internally it was a struggle, feeling as though I was doing something wrong each and every time I self medicated.  It was bittersweet because I had experienced enough of an upside in my super busy mom life to understand that I gained something valuable when I used cannabis,  but I was often ridiculed for using it.   This only added to my guilt.

Irregardless, I kept reading and researching any available information on the benefits of using cannabis.

I couldn’t yet explain why it helped to maintain peace of mind and  balance my mood but I needed to know more. Having to hide something so positively life changing felt counter-intuitive.  It’s not an exaggeration to say, I absolutely HATED feeling like I was doing something that some might say is unacceptable or shady.

I was diagnosed with  (need more input from chuckie here)

When cannabis was legalized in my state, I learned the experiences of others just like me.  It was EYE OPENING to learn just how many others were strugglingI now realize, we were trying to self medicate and come to our own conclusions, without proper support.

I wasn’t alone!

Now that cannabis use had been legalized, there are more resources available.   I found a really useful phone app that served me IMPORTANT information in a way that allowed me to see the specific BENEFITS of different strains for both mental and physical ailments. All the recommendations for cannabis I found pertaining specifically to my ailments are ON POINT.

I am hooked!  Here’s a little of what I learned.

Research showed me that Sativa helps during the day when I need to be alert and focused.  While Indica is better for winding down in the evening, but this doesn’t even scratch the surface. I found research articles about cannabinoids, our own cannabinoid systems, and how there is so much more there is to learn about this AMAZING plant.

With legalization came more trustworthy information and scientific research available.  We now know that there are many cannabinoids and terpenes used by our bodies.

For me, this became a kind of an obsession.  Every piece of information fit together like a puzzle.  And with every article I read, comes relief, feeling JUSTIFIED for all those prior years I felt the guilt for using cannabis.

Having the strength to trust myself and being right, gave me so much confidence.  It’s like feeling as though I had control over the things I had no control over in the past.   Trust me when I say, that can be truly life altering.  Something greater happened within myself because I was vigilant about finding something helpful even though it was unorthodox at the time.

This IS my passion!

This is why you’ll find me shouting from the rooftops, I’ll tell everyone who will listen about my incredible experiences and everything I’m learning.  It’s exciting to know that the CBD studies are REALLY just beginning.  The industry is struggling to keep up with the discoveries and benefits that continue to reveal themselves. I am TRULY passionate about helping others find the VERY BEST quality products that meet or exceed their needs.

And this is really where my journey begins, with me asking you to join me….

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