Why me Finding my Passion is Exactly why YOU are Here

How This Journey Began . . .

I am being completely honest in saying, I never really knew what I wanted to ‘DO’ with my life. I often wondered if my lack of passion meant my heart was forever FLAWED. Everyone I knew had a burning desire for something and most were pursuing it like a BOSS. And here I was, begrudgingly excelling in my professional life, feeling indifference to the day to day functions of my career in business.

I was lacking that SPARK of fervor driving me to succeed in something. . . ANYTHING.

As my children started moving out, following their own paths, starting families of their own, I had MORE opportunities to learn about the things that are interesting to me.

As easy as it was to decide I was done working for other people, it was hard to forge my own way and find something I felt truly passionate about.

Thankfully, my creative side gave me no shortage of ideas. But I still found myself feeling detached and impotent.  I just needed to zero in on THAT ONE THING, that one idea, that would feed my drive and focus my passion.

Surround yourself with people who will take the time . . .

Like I had many times before, I took a weekend trip to Oregon to visit a cousin and her family.   It was there, surrounded by great conversations, while sharing similar ideas about entrepreneurship, I finally had my “aha” moment.

She sensed I was struggling to get excited about one of my MANY ideas I wanted to move forward with.  Then she said, “If you focus this energy on ONE THING you really passionate about, you will succeed.”  Curious, I dug a little deeper, wondering if she had a specific thought or idea.  I HAD TO KNOW, what is it she sees for me that I wasn’t seeing for myself?

What she said next was so obvious that it felt both silly for asking, while having that important “aha” moment.


Those three little letters, I have been advocating for, for years.

There it was.  My heart swelled.

She had said this to me before.  I shrugged it off as “out of reach”.  How did I decide that being in this industry was so far from reality, when I am “unofficially” already succeeding at it?

Everything I had been doing lead me to this moment. My countless hours studying, referring, volunteering, my research, the knowledge, all of it lead me to this.  She laughed about how my brain is like a little CBD factoid machine!


To some this EPIPHANY I had may seem like a ‘no-brainer’, but for me, it took someone I look up to, someone who has opinions I value.   Someone who was okay with saying this more then once.  That’s what really brought this home for me.  It resonates.  For me, this reinforces the idea of surrounding ourselves with people who take the time to invest in us, and on occasion re-state the obvious, sometimes telling us the things we don’t want to hear.

Learning about this industry and the benefits CBD has to offer, fills my heart with passion.  As I take on this new challenge in business, it will continue to make a difference in my life and all the people in it.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

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